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Digital Marketing Portfolio

Integrated Marketing Campaign Plan for Buhi’s Juxta Smart Luggage

I completed Stukent’s simulation game designed to give hands on Integrated Marketing Campaign experience. To increase revenue for Buhi’s Juxta Smart Luggage, I lead the development and execution of a two-year-long integrated marketing campaign.

Buhi Marketing Plan

Marketing plan for Buhi Supply Co.’s #buhiMOM campaign. This is an assignment for Marketing Principles class based on the Mimic Marketing Principles Simulation game.

Buhi Luggage Marketing Research Report

In Stukent’s Mimic Marketing Research Simulation, I played the role of a junior market research analyst at a fictitious company called Reynold’s Research. Techniques practiced included defining the research objective, survey development, sampling techniques, data analysis, and more.

Buhi OG Line Social Media Marketing

Stukent’s Social Media Marketing simulation game was a way to experience the dynamic daily duties of a social media marketer. From creating organic posts and paid posts, to working with influencers, there were many facets to running a social media marketing campaign!

Integrated Marketing Campaign (Observed)

Always #EndPeriodPoverty campaign was created to raise awareness about how the lack of access to feminine hygiene products negatively impacts girls’ education. Applying the concepts I learned in Promotion Principles class, I compiled campaign information into a cohesive and well designed marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization will help you build a blog audience. SEO copywriting is all about incorporating keywords into your content that will help you rank high in Google’s search engine, and most importantly, appeal to people. Check out this blog article I wrote using SEO strategies to rank for the keyphrase “greeting dogs.”

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche