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Mimic Social Reflection

Social Media Strategies | Western Technical College | Fall 2022

Simulation Experience

Mimic Pro Social was a worthwhile way to experience Social Media Marketing firsthand. Why? Because I was able to directly apply the knowledge learned from the text to the daily agenda of a Social Media Marketing professional. Who knew there were so many different facets that go into running a social media campaign? Organic posts, paid posts, influencers, wow! Without the pressures of a real-life budget, I was able to freely experiment with unbridled curiosity. There were many times when I made the wrong decisions, but I learned valuable lessons from these mistakes. The greatest lesson I learned is to stop being afraid to fail. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you won’t grow.

Information Learned

Influencer Marketing

  • Mega Influencers
  • Macro Influencers
  • Micro-Influencers
  • Negotiating & “ZOPA”

Key Takeaways

  • Humanize your brand and show your customers that you care about them and value their opinion. This will improve your reputation and help turn negative experiences into positive ones.
  • Establish a consistent brand voice for your social media channels that speaks to your target audience and aligns with your brand values.
  • Direct communication increases customer loyalty and help build and grow your brand.
  • influencers help brands promote their products by expanding reach by exposing brands to new audiences. They also help connect your brand to relevant topics. Their strong Resonance with their audiences has a profound influence over their audiences behavior.
  • Pay attention to where your target customer is in the consumer decision journey and use keywords and CTA’s that encourage engagement.
  • Build your social media campaigns around business goals like awareness, engagement, and conversions.
  • Pick media that appeals to the interests of your specific target.
  • Post authentic content that will excite your audiences, don’t just push product.
  • Post funny, upbeat content of Fridays, when people tend to be in better moods.
  • Ask questions in your posts to encourage interaction and to let your customers know you value their opinions.
  • Use tagging to make a post stand out and to increase the likelihood of sharing
  • Create custom audiences to represent your target persona, and use them in your segmentation strategy.

Buyer Persona

In a social media marketing campaign, it is very important to use buyer personas. A persona helps marketers understand their customers’ needs and challenges. Familiarizing yourself with a persona and their demographics will help you create content that appeals to your target segment. You must drop all your personal biases and preferences and learn to see from someone else’s perspective. In my case, the target customer (outdoorsmen 19-32) is quite different from my personal brand, so I frequently had to refer to my buyer persona to create accurate content.

Buhi’s Buyer Persona

Daypacker Tom



$ 25,000-35,000

Hunting, camping, hiking

A multipurpose backpack that can carry his work essentials and camping gear

Meet Daypacker Tom! The buyer persona for Buhi’s OG line products.

Best Performing Channels

What worked best for your persona?


  • Photos, Videos
  • 150 Character Captions
  • 3-5 Hashtags
  • Monday 8am, Thursday 8am 5pm, Friday and Saturday Afternoons


  • Photos, videos, GIFs
  • CTA Links
  • 1-3 Hashtags
  • 40-140 Characters
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9am/1pm/3pm


  • Short form video, User generated content, tips/tutorials
  • Drive Engagement
  • Caption 150 Characters
  • Monday 10 am, Wednesday 8am, Thursday 7pm, Saturday 11am/7pm/8pm, Sunday 8am/4pm


Ryan Ball

Macro Influencer Ryan Ball

Chris Ronald

Mega Influencer Chris Ronald

The World Travelers

Micro Influencers Travel Bloggers


If I had another round left in the simulation what would I do?

  • Try out different buyer personas
  • Write greater variety of posts.
  • Focus on improving lesser performing channels like Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Forget the rankings and experiment even more
  • Test out high-cost media