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About Me

Danielle Schmitz


How would I describe myself? Let’s just say I’m a 21st century Renaissance woman with the eye of an artist and the heart of a poet. Now, I’m adding the savvy of a digital marketer to my toolkit by pursuing an Associate’s degree in the field.

This modern technical degree will pair perfectly with my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from a decade ago. I create art in whatever media I can get my paint-stained fingers on. My surrealist photography and mixed media collages especially have intrigued audiences over the years.

In addition to being an artist, I have worked in food service and labor jobs. Being a quiet observer and server of people, I have gained many insights into how people think, feel, and behave. Now I am ready to channel my observations into communications by crafting digital marketing content that people can connect with.

My strong design and Photoshop skills allow me to intuitively translate ideas into visuals. While my tangible arts background lends my work an expressive style. The result is content that has an ability to not just tell a story but provoke a story in the audience’s imagination.


Western Technical College | La Crosse, WI
Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing (2023)

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire | Eau Claire, WI
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography (2012)