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Buhi Bags Marketing Plan

Marketing Principles | Western Technical College | Fall 2021

#BuhiMom Tote Campaign

Cover image for #BUHImom campaign. Created for assignment purposes only. Not a real ad campaign.

By participating in Mimic Marketing Principles, I was able to experience the content we learn in class in the context of of a digital marketing professional.  Key concepts I learned were how to develop a “marketing mix” using the four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place.

Buhi Supply Co. is an e-commerce and retail bag supplier. It specializes in backpack, purse, wallet, satchel, and duffel products. Basically, if it’s a bag of any sort, Buhi makes it.

Buhi’s business goals are to find bags that resonate with a design-conscious audience, manufacture them at affordable costs, and sell them for a profit at competitive prices.

Buhi aims to design functional bags that evoke nostalgia, bags with enough personality for even the choosiest of Millennials. This goal has been a driving factor that has helped Buhi’s sales grow significantly since it was founded in 2009.

Buhi bags offers organizational tote-bags with customizable compartments to fit your family’s needs. Our high-end modern aesthetic looks like it came straight off the runway.

Buhi Supply Co. Logo

Positioning Statement: This tote is perfect for 30-39-year-old moms who are interested in looking stylish and family activities. It’s affordable and functional, making it ideal for staying on trend and keeping organized.

Marketing Objective

  • Increase brand authority
  • Grow visibility in search engine rankings and social media platforms
  • Increase conversion rates

Business Objectives

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Grow market share
  • Increase Revenue and ROI
Mock magazine ad created for #BUHImom campaign.

Competitive Advantage

We provide moms with a chic organizational companion to carry all her family’s essential to-go items.

Competitive Set:

| Karen Conrad | a.m.a. | Liz Mayborne | Flossi | Herschey |

| Ned Laker | Kate Shade | Mike Korz | Buggy | L&M|

A model’s bag on the outside, a mom’s bag on the inside.

Vogue Magazine

Segmentation and Targeting

Buyer Persona: “Soccer Mom Sam”

  • Age 30-39
  • Heterosexual
  • Married
  • Job in professional environment
  • Kids aged 8-16
  • Upper-middle class
  • College degree
  • Social Media user
Meet “Soccer Mom Sam!” Our buyer persona for Buhi’s #BuhiMom tote line.

The target customer for our Buhi tote bag is Soccer mom Sam. She’s fun, fashion-forward, and the whole family depends on her to keep them organized. Sam needs to invest in a quality handbag that will help her manage her family’s busy agenda. Sam takes pride in being a mom and wants to do it effectively, while still looking fashionable.

Before developing strategies for my marketing mix it was essential to do primary and secondary market research to really understand my target customer. This included researching attitudes, behaviors, preferences, lifestyle and needs. The research also gave many insights on the handbag industry in general, including trends and advertisement spending.

10 Question Survey of target audience


Purchasing Behaviors

Product Preferences

Global high-end handbags | Reynolds Research

Handbag Advertising rends in North America | Reynolds Research

Insights on Tote Bags in North America | Reynolds Research

Research Questions
  1. Which problems should we be solving for our customers?
  2. What is the max/min price our target customer is willing to pay for product?
  3. What improvements can we make to our handbag to make them more attractive to our target?
  4. What types of promotions would influence a purchase decision?
  5. How can we make it easier for customers to find our product?
Research Recommendations
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 18 x 20
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cost per unit: $36

Our target customer wants aesthetic features that resemble high-end handbags, but inside the bag is ample space and organizational pockets. Preferred material is faux leather. High-end handbags are predominantly leather, so faux leather offers a similar look at a cheaper cost. It is also durable and spill resistant which is every mom’s dream.

Final Price: $159.99

The final price I decided on was 159.99 in order to meet my target revenue range. It is a mid-way point between $100-$200 and utilizes the psychology of the number nine. The cost per unit is only $36 to make.$100-$200 is a high enough price to indicate a quality product. It is also high enough to foster a brand following.

Distribution Channels

Fashion House

Units: 370


Margin: $14,430.00

City Bags

Units: 320

Revenue: $25,600.00

Margin: $14,080.00

Jenny & June

Units: 310

Revenue: $21,700.00

Margin: $10,540.00

Mock Facebook page featuring Buhi’s #BUHImom campaign
Mock Instagram Ad for Buhi

Buhi’s highest performing social media channels include Facebook and Instagram. These are the channels most utilized by our target audience. Other successful channels are magazine ads, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing.