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The Fairy Ring

On a breezy night in the Month of June,

I quit the village tavern none too soon

As sunset yielded to twilight’s loom

No lantern had I save the Moon,

Nor companion save a tipsy tune

To guide me through the Ancient Wood.

No need of a steed but my own two feet

to patter down the path well beat.

Old Forest of the lushest green,

Did my eyes just catch a gleam

Of tiny figures ‘pon silver moonbeam?

Have I stepped into Summer’s dream?

Can I believe my own two eyes?

Here I stood a-Mesmerized

Flying ‘neath the Indigo skies

These figures weren’t no fireflies

But glittering little fairy sprites

Out celebrating this night’s delight!

Fluttering with filmy wings

they flocked into their fairy ring

and thus they did begin to sing

with Harps strung of spider string

Melodic music for dandy dancing.

Never heard I a thing so entrancing.

Hid in the thicket I did stay

enchanted by the precious fae

Watching their merriment oh so gay.

When then breaks first ray of day

and all the fairies did then fly away

to my dismay, So I must tarry on my way.