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A Sonnet to Cheese

As a Wisconsin Native, I have an affinity for cheese. Using cheese as my muse, I wrote a Shakespearean Sonnet to express my enduring love.

I, Raven

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A Modern Retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” By Danielle Schmitz

Buhi Social Media Audit

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Social Media Strategies | Western Technical College | Fall 2022 Target Market Content Strategy

Dirge for a Changeling

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A changeling is a creature from Irish folklore. When a child became sick or ill-tempered, distressed parents claimed that the fairies kidnapped their “real” child and exchanged it for an inferior fairy “changeling” child.

Introverts in Marketing? They do exist! Content Marketing in the Digital Age.

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The digital revolution has completely transformed the marketing landscape. Job opportunities have opened that are a perfect fit for people with introverted personalities and sensitive temperaments. Content creation is a marketing role that can play to the strengths of an INFP, like me. Just as an extrovert can form connections by personable interactions, we can wield a lot of influence if we do it in our own way, using our strengths, and by embracing creativity over conformity.